Zen blow-drying with Rowenta’s Silence hairdryer

The thing we often dislike about hairdryers is the noise they make when we use them. They produce the same effect on the eardrums as a street full of traffic.

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You can do it whilst styling your hair it’s easy with a silent hairdryer !

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    Hold a conversation

    Whilst blow-drying your hair whithout having to raise your voice and straining to hear the person who is talking to you

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    Listen to the radio

    No need to increase the volume

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    Early in the morning

    You don't need to think twice as the Silence hairdryer will not disturb anyone's peace and quiet

made in rowenta

To offer you a quieter product, Rowenta has designed “Power Silence” technology. A combination of three mechanisms, this technology improves air circulation flow.

1 First of all there is the conical entrance of air which guides the flow very gently towards the propellers.

2 The propellers were designed to move the air around, limiting vibrations.

3 Finally, the Silence hairdryer is equipped with lateral openings at the rear. They allow air to flow and be dispersed outwards, thus making it less noisy than a direct blast.

Feature n°1
The special "Noise Trap" fan has been ?specially designed to reduce vibrations.

Feature n°2
The cone-shaped air entrance guides ?the air towards the fan.

Feature n°3
The side openings reduce the noise from the hair dryer.

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